Thursday, 23 August 2007

A Copper Egg

I tried out a new technique today - and this is the result - an ATC size but cut into an egg shape - 'right up my street' with a chicken theme so perhaps that is why I had fun doing it!

Again it doesn't photograph well. But with the naked eye it looks like a piece of thick beaten copper.

I stamped it with a couple of the new stamps I bought from the USA and heat treated the paper with a heat gun to get the dull effect.

Along part of the edges (bottom up to right top) I melted plastic film so it actually looks like an amber coloured solder or melted toffee texture and one big mass rather than the individual bits you can see.

In different lights it looks all different colours - I am going to try and make another to keep for myself.


RUTH said...

Oh Lottie this is the most beautiful work. :o)

Momiji said...

I think that would make a good logo for you ....excellent!!