Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Indigo Swap - Zuzu's Forum

I remember seeing the film 'The Color Purple' and being moved by it - so this is what I was thinking of when I made this - from a stamped image Kath sent me - for which I am very grateful It took ages to colour in with watercolour pencils and gold pen, and then I went over the black areas, and coloured the white mounting surround black. The textured backing card I have stamped.

I was thinking of Zuzu, for whose forum I was making these ATCs. She is getting married today - and is wearing a gorgeous deep red corset - alas the colour scheme for this swap is Indigo. I added some texture with the different shades of purple threads, and in reality it is deeper shades of purples, and the background is inked with silver penwork by me.

The Warrior - a stamped image from my friend Kath, which I have coloured in different shades of purple.

I was try to show her strength by drawing in the 'Auras' around her!

I am not sure if these are good enough to enter - but I did have a happy four hours making them today.


RUTH said...

To my eyes they would be good enough to win! I just biased?!... I just think you're so clever. Best wishes to the Happy Couple.

LazyKay said...


LOVE the way you've used the African lady face image and I know just what you mean about it being reminiscent of the colour purple.

The warrior lady with the auras is a great idea. Love it.

Lazykay said...

Forgot, re Indigo - I think these are find for the swap. I was thinking more blue shades but indigo is actually more purpley isn't it?


Zuzu's Blog said...

A nice way to fill out the background lottie .. nice colour tones

Shary said...

Lovely Lottie. I really love the african lady.