Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Inches x 13 The theme: Flowers

I didn't know what I was taking on when I took up the challenge of creating little works of art 1" x 1" - I thought ATCs were hard enough at 3.5" x 2.5".

All except the dried flowers have been embossed so they look like little shiny tiles - but it does not show up in the scan very well.

And these are magnified far bigger than the size they actually are!

One of my favourite flowers - Pink Echinacea

Oriental Style




Red Dahlia - where the light patches are,is where there is no embossing - looks fine though - but funny in this scan

Marigold centre - again shiny and embossed

Yellow echinacea - embossed and shiny - the bee does not look so prominent in real life - these are only 1" x 1" so very much enlarged on here.

Daisy - embossed and shiny

Morning Glory - Embossed and shiny

Layers of cut up poppy leaves on painted paper.

Stained glass - stamped and coloured, the bits drawn on it, the embossed all over

This is a tiny stem of Alchemilla Mollis which I have coloured red with chalks, mounted it on 'angels hair' paper then painted over it in gold


RUTH said...

How on earth do you make something so beautiful but so small!! Is there a competition or something yo can enter..these must be winners surely.

anne said...

Lovely inchies Lottie.Nice and bright, just like flowers should be.

Allotment Lady said...

Thank you both.

Ruth - these are going into a swap on a forum. I send them off and later get the same number back from different artists.

Late June I will get them so will post them on here.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Breathtaking ART my dear!!!
these are just DEVINE!!!!

Allotment Lady said...

Thank you - I photographed them seperately because side by side they all clash. But as they are going to be distributed rather than in one set - it doesn't matter.

momiji said...

love these inchies...so bright and fun! will have to have a go at this too.. love the oriental one of course!

Gillian said...

what a lovely set of inchies, the colours are fantastic ......

Nes said...

Lottie your flower Atc's are fab. i was defeated by this swap as i dont do flowers very well