Sunday, 6 May 2007

Face the Music

Time to get back to my 'homework' and try to make another 'Faces' card.

A sad face inspired me to do a Face the Music ATC

I had read that stamping on tissue gives a good effect.

So my first attempt was to glue a miniature music sheet onto an ATC - (I had aged it so it wasn't gleaming black and white. Next I covered it with tissue and stamped the face on it.

It did look nice and I was both proud and relieved that at last I had made one I was happy with.

So much so that I even celebrated with a few liquorice sticks my husband brought to my garden shed/studio for me!

I sat there gloating - then looked carefully. Oh No! After covering the music sheet with tissue, I hadn't noticed that I must have turned it before stamping on the face and the music behind was upsidedown.

You can guess where that one ended up.

Now here is the one I did finally make. The scan does not show that the face is embossed, so is shiny copper in real life.

I looked through a little old book of music scores with words and found a suitable sad one. Cut out the ageing page (sacrilege)and stuck it on. Added a couple of bits of 'antique' scrap paper.

Retrieved a bit of the music score from the bin, added some tissue paper and stamped on the face and then the embossing powder.

Was it worth it? Not sure.

1 comment:

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh ofcourse it was worth it... it looks Wonderful Lottie.. I love her sad face... Poor dear..